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I am currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tel Aviv University. Specifically, my research is taking place at the Interacting with Technology lab (IWiT), under the advisement of Eran Toch. I received MSc also under the advisement of Eran Toch. My Master's thesis focused on longitudinal privacy in online social networks (OSNs). We explored how sharing preferences correlate with the time passed since first publishing a content in OSN. Quite different from my current fields of interests, I received BSc in Life Sciences from Ben-Gurion University. 


My ongoing doctoral study is focused on understanding the process of privacy decision-making with respect to information systems developers. Following our new understandings, we want to influence their privacy design decisions by helping to design developers-oriented engineering tools.



The coming fall (2017-2018): Human-Computer Interaction 


Previous courses:

Simulation with Arena

Corporate Finance

Introduction to Engineering Economy & Accounting



or, come and visit: Wolfson building, Tel Aviv University, IWiT lab, room 003 


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